The cuteness of an animal is one of the biggest reasons a human would keep it as a pet. Who wouldn't want to share their living space with something that makes you smile when you just look at it, right? But looks can be deceiving, like in many other things. 

We won’t judge you too much however if cuteness is the main characteristic you look for in your pet. After all, it’s natural for humans to look for visual cues that will warn them of a dangerous predator. And cuteness isn’t such a  cue. 

What we will do instead, is offer you a list of five animals that are considered very cute, but would never make a good pet.



Koalas look so cute just hanging and sleeping in those eucalyptus trees. And their body shape gives you the impression that they are made for constant hugs and cuddles. They are native to Australia, so not many people have the opportunity to see them in person. All this might make you think they would be amazing pets. 

However, koalas can be very dangerous can their bite can be rather painful. They are not to be approached unless they are used to humans. Otherwise, they will attack. It’s probably why keeping them as pets is illegal, even in their native country. 


The world’s second-largest rodent looks a bit clumsy and nice and fluffy. Especially if you see them just resting in the water. Other than being adorable, they are also clever and protective of their territory. This makes sense, considering they work hard to build a house in that territory. 

Additionally, even though these animals eat plants, they are known for biting and attacking humans to protect their houses or little ones. Considering what mankind has done to the natural landscapes this is only understandable. So we would suggest enjoying watching pictures of them for your daily dose of cuteness and letting them stay in the wild. 


Rare are the people who don’t at least smile at a sight of a squirrel in the park. They look tiny and fluffy and the way they eat is so special and sweet. But like with other animals we mentioned, it’s better to enjoy the sight from a safe distance. 

Squirrels have many natural enemies. This makes them scared and also well-prepared to protect themselves and run away. They are even known for biting humans or attacking much bigger animals than themselves in packs. Only in self-defense, of course. So keep scrolling TikTok for some adorable videos of squirrels, but let them enjoy their freedom. 

Panda bear

Giant pandas live in China and they have been world-wide famous because they were endangered species. The good news is that thanks to conservation efforts, their status changed from endangered to vulnerable in 2016. Other than that, they are famous for their adorable and clumsy look. 

But pandas can be dangerous for humans. The bamboo they eat is not easy to bite at all. But they can chew it which means they can chew human flesh too. Of course, they wouldn’t do it unless they’re feeling incredible danger. But just to be on the safe side, leave panda handling to the experts. 

Slow Loris 

Slow Loris is a kind of primate. It has soft-looking fur and big puppy eyes. One look at it will make your heart melt. It makes you think some plush toys were modeled after it. So, it makes sense to want it as a pet too. 

But, this is a very dangerous animal. Unlike the guys we mentioned before who will attack but probably won't make big damage, a slow loris is producing venom that will put you in anaphylactic shock. So enjoy the view from a safe distance, the bigger the better. 

Final words

When choosing a pet, it’s pretty natural to go for one whose looks you enjoy. But to be on the safe side both for you and the animal, go for the ones that were domesticated and used to be handled by humans. And even then do detailed research to be sure you’re a good match.