When it comes to a city with great nightlife in the USA, the majority of people immediately think about either Las Vegas or New York. However, this country is simply too vast to narrow down the good time to two cities. If anything, the hype is a known fun-killer, and the fact that there’s an incredible influx of tourists looking for a good time out somewhat kills the entire experience. So, what you want is a hidden jewel, a place with amazing nightlife that somehow flies under the radar.

There are so many places that are lowkey amazing for those who want to have a great time. With that in mind and without further ado, here are the top 5 lesser-known cities with great nightlife that are definitely worth paying a visit to.

1. Anchorage, Alaska

Chances are that Alaska was the last place you envisioned when we started talking about great nightlife in the USA. However, Anchorage is living proof that assuming things usually leads to miscalculations. One thing that the majority of people don’t know about Alaska is that its summers are moderately warm and quite long. This means that hanging out outdoors isn’t a bad idea, to begin with.

The entertainment options during nighttime are numerous; the best part of it all is the lounges. It’s honestly hard to imagine a great night out without some beer and Anchorage is home to some of the best breweries on the continent. The list of wines that are locally produced is quite impressive, as well. Keep in mind that this is one of the world’s greatest seafood hubs, which means that you can combine these wine and beer options with some locally harvested oysters.

2. Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Minneapolis is a true cosmopolis, which means that you can find a venue that plays everything from blues and jazz, all the way to rock and reggae. Now, seeing as how one’s taste in music is often tightly intertwined with their idea of a good time, this means that you can easily filter the crowd that you want to mingle with on your night out. Still, no matter the taste, a quick trip to one of the clubs in Minneapolis downtown is bound to result in a great time.

Now, one more thing that Minneapolis is known for is the fact that it’s very single-friendly. The abundance of breweries and restaurants, as well as its daytime activities like bike-ability and abundance of parks, make it one of the greatest places for singles across the continent. The dating scene in the city is also quite strong, and the place is ranked ninth-best (nationally) in this regard.

3. Savannah, Georgia

Some may not have expected a city so deep in the Bible Belt to be a place with fantastic nightlife. However, this is one of the best things about it. Savannah, Georgia is home to some of the best jazz clubs, which is something that lovers of this music form just can’t get enough of. Other than this, there are several great bars and cocktail places all over for you to explore. In fact, it’s a particularly popular place with nomads.

Moreover, the majority of amazing Nightlife places in Savannah are concentrated on River Street, which makes the nightlife in this city more centralized. Sure, some people like to spend the entire evening in a single bar, but others prefer to bar-hop. This is made a lot easier when they’re so close to each other. Additionally, this increases the odds that you’ll bump into someone familiar on your night out. Still, this last part can be both good and bad.

4. Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Ocean Springs is a major tourist hotspot, a vibrant place with an incredibly active art scene. There are so many studios and galleries to visit. Even in the evening, the place has so much to offer. The place itself has over 100 nightlife venues that you can visit, with live music and fun events hosted across the place. When compared relative to some of its competitors, the place has so many options per capita.

Now, if you have a different idea of nightlife, you can easily find an excellent karaoke place or a pop-up art show. Keep in mind that with so much to offer, your best bet would be to stay for at least several nights. This way, you get to fully experience all that the place has to offer during the daytime, as well.

5. Breckenridge, Colorado

For obvious reasons, a lot of people are attracted to the idea of having a good time in Colorado. While finding the best low-key nightlife haven in the USA is a fairly challenging task, Breckenridge somehow seems like a natural first pick. This city has some of the best thematic restaurants in styles ranging from European and Far-Eastern, all the way to the Wild West. Breckenridge has an incredibly vivid live music scene, which makes it ideal for those who want to indulge their auditory senses.

The place is also home to Breckenridge Distillery, which is one of the world’s highest distilleries there are. The tour there is already quite scenic and it’s one of the best places for tasting bourbon, vodka, and gin. It may inspire you to make a party of your own or go out to indulge a bit more. Other than this, you can also look for Irish Pubs, saloons, martini bars, and nightclubs. As always, the place has so much to offer, but it’s on you to take a pick.

Wrap Up

People have both daytime and nighttime needs, which is why even the places which you would least expect often have a wild side come nightfall. However, not every place does this right. What these five cities excel at is the variety of options, which allows people of all characters, temperaments, and inclinations to find something that suits them. So, a visit to any of the above-listed five places is bound to be a huge hit for anyone who dreams of having an unexpectedly wild night out.