Working on your property can improve all inhabitants’ quality of life, as well as raise the property’s value. A house with a pool is worth more than an identical house without it (significantly more). So, this is one of the ways to get a better deal next time you decide to sell your property.

You must also consider the potential. If something is missing on the property, the next owner must install it at their own expense. For instance, if the property needs landscaping or a deck needs building. So, by handling this, you’re automatically making it simpler for the next owner, which deserves compensation.

Still, not all property upgrades are as good for making your home more valuable. With that in mind, here are the top four upgrades to make your property more valuable.

Improving your landscape

The most important thing about landscaping is the property maintenance aspect of it all. You see, it’s important that you keep the yard clean and weed-free. This requires constant maintenance and requires you to take one of the two routes. You can either outsource landscaping to professionals or buy professional landscaping tools and handle it yourself.

Second, the layout is probably the most important thing. So, you need to plan all the major elements before you start focusing on the details. Paving a path through the yard and removing a large tree are the projects that will get you there, but your journey doesn’t end here. You need to know what to do after tree removal and what to plant on each side of your garden path.

Landscaping may seem frightening to many potential homeowners. Installing a smart sprinkler system can automate this task, thus making it seem less scary and increasing the property’s appeal. Remember that automated irrigation systems are no longer as expensive as it was in the past. Fixing the outdoor light system

When planting new trees and vines, make sure to consider the amount of shade they will provide. Sure, trees won’t mature for the next 5 to 15 years, but fast-growing vines, especially when provided with a supporting structure, can make a difference a lot quicker.

Upgrading the lights

Outdoor lights add a whole new field of functionality to your property. Without proper lighting, your home will not be visible in the evening. The surroundings will be darker, which makes the place more vulnerable to thieves and burglars, and you can’t spend quality time outside when you can’t see. So, by boosting the lighting in the vicinity of your home, you reap benefits in various forms.  

What you’re aiming for is a combination of beauty and function. You might add some fixtures if you have an outdoor seating area or an outdoor garden. This will enable you to spend some time in this area without tripping. Highlighting your pathway is also a smart move.

From the aesthetics standpoint, the best thing you can do is highlight trees around your home. You can do this by mounding lighting fixtures on them or lighting them from below. Don’t push it too far; you don’t want to cause too much light pollution.

Also, you want to illuminate your home with uplights. This way, your entire property will get that pleasant ambient illumination, and your home will stand out. The best part is that if a potential buyer comes in the evening hours, this will make a really powerful impression.

Building a fireplace or an outdoor kitchen

Adding a fiery element to your backyard is a great way to enhance the sense of luxury. Not the most obvious choice would be to install an outdoor fireplace. This can make the evenings spent here feel more wholesome and incentivize you to host social gatherings in the evening. Moreover, you can easily create a Mediterranean ambiance with the right fireplace.

A fire pit might be a better choice for those who don’t want to spend too much money but still have the same idea. These fire pits are inexpensive to buy, and they’re not even that difficult to build independently. They can be perfect for roasting marshmallows, and if you add a grill on top of them, you can even use them to make a barbecue.

Speaking of BBQ, you might want to install a real outdoor kitchen. This is especially great in the summer since you won’t have to cook indoors. In other words, it slightly boosts your home’s energy efficiency while making your meal preparation more pleasant.

Just remember that building an outdoor kitchen is a bigger project than it initially appears. For starters, you need a suitable surface. So, making a patio or a deck is a must. Second, you need to focus on fire safety, just the same as if it was indoors.

A fountain or a swimming pool

Lastly, there’s no easier way to add a hint of luxury to your property than with a watery element like a fountain or a swimming pool. The irrigation system we’ve mentioned doesn’t really count. While a pool will increase its value much more than a fountain, it’s also more expensive to construct. In other words, the ROI might not be worth it.

Keep in mind that the ROI depends on the pool’s size and material, as well. Marble and fiberglass are different, so generalizing or making conclusions based on one example is never accurate. You can research and contact pros to tell you an estimate. If you live in Minneapolis for example, try researching fiberglass pools in Minnesota. Or ask friends and family for recommendations. 

When making a fountain, you must ensure it’s on a flat surface and has enough water to submerge the pump. These are your main two considerations. Contrary to popular belief, fountains require much maintenance. Understanding this beforehand ensures you know what you’re getting into.

Wrap Up

In the end, the value of the property and the ROI are not the same. A project that will boost the value won’t necessarily be worth it when trying to sell the place quickly. However, when doing some work to boost the property’s value without the intention to sell immediately, any of the above-listed ideas is good.