Marketing is a very dynamic field that requires a lot of networking and communication on daily bases. And that’s not an introvert’s cup of tea. 

But digital marketing brought some changes in this field. Many people with careers in digital marketing are working from home. And for most of the day, it’s just them and their computers, tablets, and phones. That’s more like it, we hear the introverts say. 

So, if you are an introvert, here are the career options in digital marketing that might be ideal for you.

An SEO specialist 

The job of digital marketers working in the SEO field is to analyze the content of clients’ websites and work on their optimization. The ultimate goal is for the website to rank better on Google and similar search engines. 

SEO specialists use many strategies to help their clients achieve that high ranking, one of them being creating backlinks. These are meant to signalize search engines that the website in question has some quality information and other pages recognized as such. They also spend a lot of time working on proper keywords to help Google realize a website is offering exactly what people are looking for. 

Most of the time SEO specialists work in the peace and quiet of their home or in an office but without too many interactions. If there is some communication with other team members or clients, it’s usually done in writing. Rarely and depending on the type of company, do they attend meetings. But their number is significantly lower than in other fields. 

A Content Specialist 

As the words suggest, content specialists create content: articles, blogs, product descriptions, videos, infographics, etc. They have to have a way with words and good research skills because, in the world of digital marketing, content is king. 

Usually, much like SEO specialists, they work from the comfort of their homes and they use verbal communication fairly rarely. Additionally, this position requires a lot of creativity which introverts usually have in abundance. 

A Social Media Manager 

A social media manager's job is to create and publish content on different social media for their clients. 

At first glance, an introvert would probably say Pass to any career that contains the world social. But, while social media managers do interact with people on social networks, this is done in written form. And that’s the type of communication most introverts excel at. 

A Digital Analyst 

A digital analyst will analyze statistics and track the performance of campaigns as well as develop strategies for future ones. Other than the ability to analyze that these people share with previously mentioned positions, they need to be very good with numbers in order to succeed. 

As for contact with people and the necessary communication, digital analysts have to be in touch with the rest of the marketing team when presenting the results of their analysis. The rest of the time while gathering the data, they work in their own piece and quiet. That combined with the analytical abilities makes this position perfect for an introvert. 

To conclude 

Being extroverted or introverted is not a weakness is just a part of someone’s personality. You should also keep in mind that things are not black or white, but grey. This means that no one is only introverted or only extroverted. We simply lean more toward one of these two. 

If you know that most of your characteristics are of an introvert, you have a huge advantage when choosing the career because you can find one that your personal characteristics will improve and not go against.